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The body’s intestinal tract is lined with one hundred trillion microorganisms of which there are one thousand different species referred to intestinal flora for which has many functions.

  • Aids in digestion of food by assisting in absorption of vital nutrients required for energy and survival
  • Responsible for destroying ingestion of toxins
  • The colon’s intestinal flora can be considered the colon’s immune system
  • Prevents growth of harmful pathogenic bacteria which could be the source of inflammatory bowel disease, bowel polyps and of course colon cancer

In a healthy colon there should be 85% friendly bacteria (probiotics)* and 15% putrefactive bacteria. However, for an enormous number of people this is the reverse. There are several reasons for this:

  • Consumption of chlorinated water; chlorine is used to destroy bacteria in our drinking water and destroys friendly intestinal bacteria
  • Ingestion of man-made foods which contain high concentrations of additives, preservatives and food colorings, these foods tend to ferment rather than being digested increasing putrefactive bacteria
  • Poor digestion, failure of the organs of digestion to produce digestive enzymes to break down food into useable form
  • Indiscriminate use of antibiotics