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The Nervous System

The nervous system helps regulate communication throughout the body. Remember what you do when you see a car speeding towards you? Or when you touch a hot stove? You react immediately. Specialized structures called receptors will transmit information (the car is coming or the stove is hot) via nerves to your CNS (central nervous system) which will interpret the information received and it will issue a command, via other nerves, to the effector organ (you contract your muscles to either jump out from in front of the car or to take your hand away off the hot stove). To accomplish these, your nervous system uses various chemicals (neurotransmitters) and ions (sodium, potassium, etc.).

Nervous system imbalances or disorders affect communication between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems, resulting in a wide range of health challenges.

  • Headache- migraines; cluster headaches; tension headaches
  • Seizures
  • Sleep disorders- Insomnia & Hypersomnia, Sleep apnea; Restless leg syndrome
  • Loss of balance; Dizziness; Tingling; Numbness; Pain
  • Apathy; Irritability; Depression; Lack of concentration; Hyperactivity
  • Illusions; Hallucinations; Delusions; Obsessions

How to Promote and Maintain a
Healthy Nervous System

Ensure optimal nutritional support for your nervous system

Ensure adequate intake of healthy fats, and ensure adequate vitamin D and vitamin B12 status. All are essential to maintaining optimal nervous system health.¬†In looking to make sure that your body’s needs for vitamins D and B12 are met, be sure to understand the differences between synthetic and natural vitamins.